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07th Sep 2018

This posh lad’s list of requirements for a wife are really something else

Jade Hayden

Entitled men, am I right?

They show up with all their money and age and the assumption that every woman in the world wants something to do with them.

And when one woman doesn’t want anything to do with them they throw a fit, blame an entire gender, and probably get suspended on Twitter.

You can find them anywhere really – in the club, in the park, in the street, and now, in the Good Morning Britain studios on a Friday morning listing the amount of the things they are looking for in a wife.

So line up ladies, because you are not going to be able to resist.

Sir Benjamin Slade is the eligible bachelor in question and he’s willing to pay his lucky gal £50,000 a year plus bonuses if she hangs around the house with him, keeps everything tidy, and bears him an heir… “and a spare,” he said.

The 72-year-old also specified that he wants a “lady of the house” who can “fly a helicopter.”

Not a lot to ask for really.

Slade said that he needed a gal who was at least five foot six and someone who wouldn’t run off with the handyman “like the last one.”

Speaking to Ben Shepherd and Kate Garraway today, he said: “Look, you always give them pocket money and obviously you pay them a bit more with inflation.”

Great, sounds good. Or a bit like you’re on the hunt for some new farm animals instead of a real life human being to marry, but sure what do we know?

Garraway thought the same and questioned whether Slade’s request sounded a bit “cattle market”-esque, to which he looked fairly delighted about so that answers that question anyway.