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06th Apr 2019

This is what your handwriting says about you

Well, in our opinion.

Handwriting, am I write?

You can learn a lot about someone based on their handwriting. To learn about yours, simply grab a sheet of paper and write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”, then see which sample of handwriting below is the closest match to find out about your personality.

I asked a few of the Her Huns™ to write the aforementioned pangram, so that I could use their samples below for reference. The most overwhelming result was that a few of these girls struggle with listening, after writing ‘jumped’ rather than ‘jumps’. Idiots.

Here’s what your handwriting says about you.

1. Show Off


If your writing resembles this, you are a massive show off and need to calm down. Your attention to adjoining each letter, no matter how time consuming, suggests that you are trying to convey an air of sophistication about yourself.

You drive a car with an engine no less than 2.6l and have an open jar of caviar on display in your fridge at all times. Friends refuse to entertain your suggestions of going for afternoon tea every weekend, instead convincing you to go to brunch once a month. It’s a bit common for you, but the bottomless Prosecco helps.


2. Lazy


This type of handwriting suggests that you’re a lazy little sod. Random capital letters are widespread as your mind is eternally elsewhere. You refuse to conform to societal norms, taking up 2-3 lines per word if the mood strikes you. Forms are regularly returned as you shun the rules insisting on block capital letters only.

You shower every second day, but only wash your hair twice a week. When the doorbell rings, you’ll wait. If they ring seven more times, you might alert another resident of the household that they should deal with the situation accordingly. You’re quite selfish and often take up two parking spaces in carparks.


3. Quirky

File 11-08-2016, 14 10 20

You’re a bit of a try-hard and desperately want to be described as quirky. There’s a blatant amount of thought gone into your written personality, instead of just allowing the words to flow. Your letter flicks are worryingly symmetrical, suggesting you have far too much time on your eccentric little hands.

Clothing is a prime piece of real estate upon which you can truly express yourself. You hair is seventeen different colours and, possibly the most quirkiest fashion statement of all, your socks don’t match. That tattoo of a dolphin doing sign language you got in Bali is really, really cool.


4. Basic


You are a basic bitch. Sorry. There’s a tiny hint of character about you with slightly looped letters ‘h’ and ‘d’, but overall you prefer to lead a simple and quiet life, with no strong opinions on anything whatsoever. The sharp flick on ‘q’ suggests you’re perfectly content with your stubbornly basic ways.

You’re not massively one to stand out from the crowd. You prefer to let others head off galavanting getting experimental piercings and the likes, while you stick with the studs you got for your confirmation. In Nando’s, you always go for chicken without spice, as you even find the plain one a bit spicy.


5. Organised


Step aside folks, we have an organised Orla on our hands here. You’re a neat freak and probably have a very mild form of OCD. The spacing between your words is so precise, it is deeply terrifying. You’re a total perfectionist and won several handwriting competitions in primary school.

You make plans with friends weeks in advance and always stick to them. Your pet peeve is people cancelling on you or being forced to engage in anything spontaneous. You often feel that others don’t understand you, but that’s their loss. You are doing just fine, keep up the good (and extremely organised) work.


6. Secretive


It’s very likely that you’re reading this on an encrypted server because the Government are definitely after you. Every letter you write is extremely controlled and gives nothing away. The length, precision and angles are impeccable, leaving no trace whatsoever of your identity.

You change your email passwords every week, have a very intuitive home alarm system and strongly believe that one day, robots will take over the world. Friends get a good laugh out of your protective ways, but you will have the last laugh when they all realise that they’re being spied on by the FBI, suckers.