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24th Sep 2016

This innocent Irish mam got a bit confused about the Repeal march for choice

This is hilarious

Megan Roantree

This is brilliant.

While the majority of young people are passionate about repealing the 8th, the older generation may not always be.

However, when this woman texted her mam to tell her she was going to the march, she didn’t quite understand.

Not because she was against it though, she was just a bit confused.


Her reader Ellie Golden’s  mum couldn’t quite grasp how someone could possibly repeal a date in the calendar.

We’ll blame in on the capital ‘M’ on the word ‘march’ but regardless of where the mix up came from, it is hilarious.

Ellie explains that once her mum knew that she was in fact on talking about the abortion rights march, she was all for it.

Ellie attended the march with her friends and said it was an incredible experience.

“It was amazing to be there. To see all of the older generation women who had been campaigning since they were young out supporting this generation was special.

I really felt like a part of something so much bigger than me!! The energy was incredible! It was a big day and I was so proud to be marching with my sisters and brothers of Ireland!” She said.