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01st Aug 2016

Irish pub’s hilarious sign sums up a lot of people’s attitude to Pokémon Go

It's perfect...

As the years come and go, so do trends and fads.

There has been many gaming fads throughout the decades, like YuGiOh cards, Tamagotchis, Beyblades but one trend that seems to timeless is Pokémon.

Between the television show, games on the Nintendo and a whole lot of merchandise, Pokemon was one of the best parts of childhood. 2016 saw the idea of Pokémon returning in the form of Pokémon Go, an app available to download on your phone.


The innovation of Pokémon Go has split opinion between people, as many people were getting hurt or robbed while playing the game.

There have  been numerous reports of children and adult alike running into kitchens in restaurants among other dangerous places in bids to catch Pokémon, disrupting businesses and generally pissing people off.

One Irish pub that has taken a stand against Pokémon Go is Millers Bar in Co. Carlow. The pub clearly decided enough was enough and wrote a very special message on their chalkboard which greets customers upon entry.

The message warns Pokémon fans of its dislike of the game and instead offers a hilarious alternative to catching creatures on the app.

The board reads:

“There are no Pokemon here!!!!

I killed them all

There is plenty flies to kill”


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