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16th Nov 2016

Orphaned kittens find a perfect home in an elderly care centre

It's two good deeds in one.

This is adorable.

When young kittens get separated from their mothers too early they need some extra help to survive. This involves feeding them bottles and giving them love and attention.

Finding a home for kittens can be difficult especially when they need this much care.

One American woman who works in a care home for the elderly is a kitten foster mom and she came up with the perfect solution.

Rebecca Hamilton, Catalina Springs’ health service director approached the Pima Animal Care Center (PACC) about rescuing some kitten who could come live in the care centre.

She thought that teaming up the needy kittens with the residents of the care home could serve two purposes, helping the kittens stay alive and giving the residents something to care for.



The idea was approved and two kittens named Turtle and Peaches, who each weighed just 7 ounces, each came to live with the elderly people of Catalina Springs.


If it wasn’t obvious from the delightful pictures, the foster program was a success and the kittens have since doubled in weight.

We reckon they should start implementing this idea in more nursing homes and elderly care facilities.


Images via Catalina Springs Memory Center Facebook