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15th Mar 2018

There’s a NEW Chip Cup coming to Penneys but you better be quick

Keeley Ryan


Get ready for Chip Cup 2.0.

Last year, a simple little cup sent social media – and Beauty and the Beast fans – absolutely crazy.

Ahead of the release of the live action first of Beauty and the Beast, our favourite character from the original 1991 movie, Chip, was made available for purchase.

Penneys were leading the charge, selling a cute (and double-tap worthy) Chip-shaped cup.

It felt like the mug was near impossible to get, with the porcelain goods disappearing off the shelves almost as soon as they arrived.

But it may be time to get ready for Chip mania to sweep the country once again, as another cup featuring the Beauty and the Beast character is due to arrive at Penneys.

And he’s just adorable.

Priced at €7, the new mug – called Bubble Chip Mug – will be hitting shelves in Penneys next week.

The popularity of the original Chip Cup spawned the creation of a series of Beauty and the Beast-inspired homewares and clothing items – including piggy banks, pyjamas, tea pots and pillows.

Not to mention the adorable ring-holder tray.

But supply and demand is what it’s all about – so as long as Penneys keep finding new ways to immortalise our favourite lil’ cup, we’ll definitely keep snapping them up.