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06th Nov 2015

The New John Lewis Ad Is A Powerful Reminder To Remember Those Who Are Alone This Winter

Nobody should be on their own this Christmas – and we don’t just mean the Man on the Moon.


Nobody should be on their own this Christmas – and we don’t just mean the Man on the Moon.

Last Friday was an emotional rollercoaster of a day, as the new John Lewis Christmas ad landed at 8am and we spent the morning with tears in our eyes.

Underneath the tears, the cuteness, and the sheer heartbreaking tone of the advert though lies a much more powerful message.

John Lewis has teamed up with Age UK to drive awareness and support for elderly people who don’t have anyone to spend Christmas with, but it’s not just in the UK that change can happen. is a service that works with older people who are socially isolated, homeless or living in poverty to make sure that they are never alone and left with no one to talk to like the Man on the Moon.

The heartbreaking reality behind the lives of thousands of elderly people in Ireland is that Christmas is often the saddest and loneliest time of the year for them.

You can change that though.

man on the moon

You can help make a difference in their lives simply by signing up to be a befriending volunteer.

One hour a week is all it takes and you could make an incredible difference in the lives of older people in Ireland.

If the John Lewis ad wasn’t enough to show people how much change is needed for the vulnerable in our society, this video from Channel 4 will show you just how horrific a life without someone to share it with can be.

“It feels as though you’ve been dumped in the deep end and there’s nobody there to rescue you”. Over a million older…

Posted by Channel 4 News on Wednesday, November 4, 2015