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01st Jan 2015

The Guide To Being A Grown-Up In 2015

This will be your year!


Try as we might, most of us haven’t quite nailed the art of being a proper grown-up yet.

The figure on our birthday card may suggest that we’ve got it all under control but while we’ve managed to tick most of the major boxes, we’re still being faced with little conundrums that remind us that we’re not ready to cut those apron strings just yet.

So, here’s the rundown a few little things that you might need to get organised…

Health insurance

Yep, we know it’s a lot of money and yes, if you say nothing then your parents might forget that you’re still on their policy but one major part of being a proper adult is taking responsibility for your own health. With the challenging times facing the health service at the moment, this is one investments that will definitely pay off.

You’ll find everything you need to know about choosing a policy here.

Health Pic

Medical card

If you’re a low-earner or have frequent medical needs, you might qualify for a medical card and this can really ease the burden when it comes to expensive medical bills. The parameters for qualification have been tightened in recent years but the application is fairly straightforward so it’s well worth having a go.

Check if you’re eligible here.


Tax refunds

Hundreds of thousands of euros in tax refunds fail to be claimed every year, which is crazy given the times we’re in. It may not be enough to quit the day job but it could certainly put a dent in that Christmas debt.

Find out more here.


Reading your payslip

Admit it, you look at the net amount that’s going into your account and then push that payslip to the bottom of your handbag every month. The thing is, all those numbers relate to your money and how it is being spent so it’s in your interest to keep a close eye. it may look a little daunting to begin with but trust us, it’s pretty straightforward.

Here‘s our idiot-proof guide to all those facts and figures.


Paying off your credit card bill

Christmas is an expensive time and even the most sensible of us can go off the rails a little bit when it comes to our finances. However, we’re now facing into a fresh year and it’s important to start it on the right foot. Even if your balance looks insurmountable, taking a few steps now can save you from twelve months of worrying and stress.

There’s some helpful advice here.


Starting to save

If there’s one thing we recommend that you do this January, it’s put together a saving plan. Whether you can afford €10 a week or €200 a month, every little bit counts and is a major comfort when that rainy day inevitably arrives.

Don’t know where to start? Have a look at some of your options here.