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29th Apr 2016

The average amount of clothes a woman has in her closet will surprise you

99+ problems but clothes aren't one...

“I have nothing to wear…”

It’s a confession we’re all guilty of making.

Looking at a pile of clothes on your bed, a separate pile on the floor, with a whole range of clothes still on hangers in your wardrobe and still not being able to choose what to wear.

If ONLY you’d gotten that blue dress on sale in River Island yesterday, then all your problems would be nonexistent.

It’s always new clothes that make things better, make you feel all swell and shiny and brand new – until you have nothing to wear again and you’re staring at your three separate piles again.

lizziAccording to a new study by ClosetMaid, the average American woman has 103 items of clothing in her wardrobe.

But she considers 21% to be “unwearable”, 33% too tight and 24% too loose, according to a survey of 1,000 women.

A further 12% of the wardrobe is occupied by new, unworn clothing, leaving just 10% available. And 10% – well, that’s not really an outfit, is it?

10% say they feel depressed when they open their closet and 47 per cent admit they struggle to pick out an outfit before heading out to work. (Same.)

lisaI for one have a sudden urge to clear out my closet.