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26th Oct 2018

This terrifying VR experience will let you live your worst nightmare. For fun.

Anna Daly


Brought to you by Fanta.

It is Halloween after all.

It’s not everyday that we willingly choose to be scared out of our minds. But during October, really it’s all we want.

Lucky for our twisted minds, the Nightmare Realm at the RDS is just such an event for this. It’s made up of various haunts with delightful names like Witches Hovel, Molly’s Murder House, and Smilers’ Abattoir. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to visit?

The rooms themselves are scary enough, however there is yet another horrifying experience this year. Fanta, sponsors of the Nightmare Realm, have provided a bone-chilling VR experience that will really get you screaming.

We visited the Nightmare Realm this year and had a go of these VR headsets. Not gonna lie, we went in pretty confident that we would NOT be scared.

And. Yeah. Well. We were wrong.

It was TERRIFYING. Think unknown creatures creeping on the floor, a stranger standing behind you, breathing over your shoulder, unseen things brushing against you. It’s not pleasant. You should definitely try it out.

The experience is completely immersive; you have the headset on and earphones in to hear all the creepy stuff that’s going on. Plus, the Nightmare Realm team are there to help scare you with a touch or some banging in your ear now and then. No biggy. We just almost wet ourselves.

If you’re like us and this sounds like the perfect way to spend your evenings, the Nightmare Realm will be in the RDS until Friday, 2 November.

You’ll completely regret it in the best way possible.

Brought to you by Fanta

Fanta is a proud sponsor of the Nightmare Realm. To get your wits spooked out of you, check out which dates the VR experience will be available.