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20th Dec 2017

This is Tatler’s no.1 rule for being ‘posh’ on Christmas Day

What are they on?!

We all do Christmas differently.

Some spend it with friends, others with family, and some with their significant others.

However, Tatler has come along to tell us the ‘posh’ way to do Christmas… and it’s a bit of a stretch.

The article gives a glimpse of a posh person’s Christmas Day, and honestly, it’s all very boring.

But the number one rule in the Tatler bible is to not, under any circumstances, open your presents before breakfast.

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The writer explains that if you do so, it is “considered a bit vulgar and unbridled.” The best time is during “that lull between the morning church service and lunch.”

The magazine even gives you some advice on what to say if you don’t like your present. Apparently, these nine phrases should mask your disappointment:

  1. How fun!
  2. Oh wow- I saw this in a magazine!
  3. This is too much!
  4. Useful presents are the best…
  5. I didn’t even know how much I wanted this until now.
  6. Wait… are you psychic OR WHAT?
  7. This can go with the one I already have!
  8. I’m being so spoilt.
  9. This is too generous – you must absolutely never get me a present again.

Apologies Tatler, but asking us to wait while mum whips up some scrambled eggs is not going to happen.

Run to the tree and rip open those gifts, we say.