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30th Jul 2015

Tackling A 10K This Summer? You’ll Want To Read These Top Nutrition Tips

Keep yourself fighting fit

The countdown to the SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon is on! 

Here at we’re running in the big event this coming October. Along with our JOE bros, we’re joining Team Dublin Marathon to take part in the big event.

Between now and race day on the 26th October, each team member will get their own individualised training programmes and weekly training schedules from Gary Crossan and Maria McCambridge, two of the best marathon runners in the country.

We’ve been tracking our own progress along the way, and today we’re bringing you some top nutrition tips to follow when training for a 10K. Check them out below!

1. Keep a balanced diet.

Eat a well-balanced diet – include plenty of fruit, vegetables and lean meats.

2. Post work-out refuel

Always eat a bit of carbohydrate and protein with 10/15 mins after doing a hard workout or run and get a quality meal with in 90 minutes of finishing.

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3. Prepare your body

Practice your pre-marathon race meal as often as you can, particularly on your long run day.

4. Stick to what you know

Do not eat or try anything new within the last 24 hours before racing.

5. On the go

When travelling, be prepared. Pack healthy snacks and nibbles.

This is a bunch of fresh blueberries and strawberries in handmade ceramic bowls. The focus is on the front strawberry and falls off towards the back quickly.

6. Water, water everywhere…

Always keep well hydrated – rely on water rather than drinks full of sugar. Limit your coffee and tea consumption to 1/2 a day. Monitor your urine, it should be a light yellow colour always.

Keep your eyes peeled to see our next update with news on the team’s training program. Or head on over to SSE Airtricity for more information.