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25th Oct 2015

T-T-Tayto Is No Longer An Irish-Owned Company *Sniff*

And our sense of identity is in crisis.

Megan Cassidy

The one thing we thought we could always rely on…

Tayto will soon officially be a German brand.

According to our bros at, Ray Coyle, founder of Meath-based Largo Foods (owner of Tayto, Hunky Dory, Perri and King crisps) has agreed to sell his final shares in the company.

German-based company Intersnack is now about to the proud owner of our delightful crisp, and Mr. Tayto has even flaunted the whole ordeal in our faces in this brazen photo of him flying to Germany.


However, the deal won’t come into effect until at least 2017, and until then Ray will remain chairman of the company.

We’re just not sure our relationship with Mr. Tayto will ever be the same after seeing that picture.