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16th Oct 2016

Survey finds couples with THIS colour bedroom have better sex

Trip to Woodies anyone?

Colour me sexy…

You may not have thought that the colour of your bedroom walls could be influencing your sex life (especially as the lights are usually off anyway), but it turns out it could be having a bigger impact than you expected.

A survey conducted by Travelodge saw 2000 Brits interviewed about their bedroom habits and the colour of their walls, and surprisingly, some very definite patterns emerged.

Those with caramel-coloured walls tended to get the most action, with an average of three sex sessions per week.

It is thought that the caramel shade tricks the mind into thinking about pleasure-inducing confectionary to get us in the mood.

Interestingly, those with red walls had the least sex – even though red is commonly thought of as the colour of love – with just one sexy session per week.

Those who had blue walls were found to get the best night’s sleep, while those with purple were more likely to suffer with insomnia.

Those with gray tones were more likely to shop online while in bed, so if your credit card needs a break, maybe consider a lick of paint!