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16th Jun 2023

Holidaymakers reveal hilarious revenge on ‘sun lounger hoggers’

By Steve Hopkins

The sun lounger wars are well and truly underway!

A couple got the ultimate revenge against “sun lounger hoggers” who were reserved their place at a pool several hours before they showed up.

The Australian couple, Thom and Lisa, told of how they found beach towels left on afternoon loungers before 6.30 am at the Grand Barong Resort in Bali this week.

Placing an unfurled towel on a lounger is a common sign that it is taken, but the practice has led to a lot of resorts banning the practice, and displaying notices that loungers can not be reserved.

The pair gave their fellow vacationers a fair chance, waiting until 2pm before moving their towels and taking their seats.

They then turned up an hour and a half later.

Thom shared his “petty” revenge plot, and has told how their reaction was “priceless”.

Many holidaymakers sided with the couple, saying people who leave towels on seats all day are “sun hogging” and disrespectful, MailOnline reported.

Thom wrote in a social media post: “We woke up this morning [and] noticed towels already placed on the afternoon shade sunbeds.

“We went about our day and eventually arrived at the pool at 1pm to the beds untouched, nobody in sight. At 2pm we told pool staff we were moving the towels as nobody had been on them.”

At 3.30pm the people who had tried to reserve the loungers showed up, “and the realisation that their spots are gone, iPads and books in hand was priceless”. Thom said.

Thom and Lisa didn’t give up the seats either:

Lisa added: “We literally left and asked others to take them just to keep the pettiness going.”

In May a clip began circulating of the 7.47am rush in Tenerife, where a crowd of tourists were spotted racing to the pool area to reserve sun loungers by the pool. And a more recent clip, from Majorca, has emerged showing people trying to reserve an entire row or seats – for a week.

The bold pool play was captured by TikToker Gillian who said she saw the incident unfolding at 7pm.

She wrote:”It’s 7 o’clock at night, and these people reserve their sunbeds for the whole week. They don’t move them.”

Similar clips dominated the summer news cycle last year.

Commenting on Thom and Lisa’s story, one person suggested they would “shout you both a Bintang if I were there”. Another added: “I would’ve done the same except I wouldn’t have waited – if they weren’t there using them it’s free for all,’ a third added.”

According to the Mail, Thom later posted an update of empty poolside chairs the following day, suggesting the couple’s stand had achieved the desired effect.


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