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02nd Oct 2017

Are you a stressed out student?… Because RTÉ wants you for a new documentary

Set to air in May 2018.

Are you ready for your big screen debut?

Are you a student who is currently feeling the school stress, the pressure of exams and the push to get those coveted points or college qualification? If so, you could be the ideal candidate for RTÉ’s new two-part documentary, Under Pressure.

Basically, the documentary focuses on how stress and pressure can affect our every day lives. It will also look at what we can do to reduce stress and manage it better.

According to RTÉ, the documentary will focus on the following:

“The series will bring science into the lives of a number of stressed out individuals who are finding it hard to cope with the constant pressure they are feeling under and who want help to deal with their situation. We’ll measure and monitor their stress levels and then follow their progress as experts work with them to help them to deal with their stress and reduce it.”

“Students are often under pressure – juggling essays and assignments in college, clashing with parents, financial/accommodation difficulties, struggling to cope with social media addiction. ‘Switching off’ is sometimes not an option. Trying to find a balance is a regular challenge.”

The documentary is due to air in May 2018. If you think you would be a good fit for this show, you can apply here or email: [email protected].