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30th Apr 2013

Stop Everything: Did Ross & Chandler Predict Facebook Before It Happened?!

Believe it or not, yes. Yes they did.

Eh… stop us if we’re wrong but do Ross and Chandler from Friends actually have psychic powers? We’re asking because apparently the two ofthem predicted the creation of Facebook back in 2003 – one year before Mark Zuckerberg created it!

Some eagle-eyed Redditors noticed that in an episode entitled “The One With The Memorial Service” Chandler and Ross start talking about a social networking website that revolves around college alumni.

“Have you seen this? It’s our new alumni website for college. It’s cool! You can post messages for people, let everyone know what you’re up to…” says Ross.

“Oh great, a faster way to tell people that I’m unemployed and childless,” responds Chandler.


Ross and Chandler: Totally ahead of their time…

Now, we know that social networking websites were a ‘thing’ already during the time this episode was aired. Both Myspace and Friendster were popular back in 2003. However, these social networking sites didn’t revolve around college students, so really, Ross and Chandler discovered the idea of Facebook way before everyone else.

We just have one question: if Ross was psychic why didn’t he see that whole ‘on a break’ thing with Rachel coming?


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