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30th Aug 2015

Spotlight On: The Underwear Rules Every Woman Should Follow

We answer all of the questions that you're too afraid to ask.


Over the last number of months, we’ve learned a thing or two about the wide range of contraceptives that are available on the market today.

Now, we are going to continue our focus on health by studying a wide range of topics relating to sex and sexual health.

Last week, we answered some embarrassing sex questions, while this week, we’ll be looking at underwear and the rules everyone should follow.


Change them…

Duh, we hear you say, but we don’t just mean on a daily basis. It’s not advised to sit around in the same underwear after working out, particularly if you get yeast infections. If you are feeling damp or sweaty down there – regardless of whether you’ve spent the evening in the gym – it’s time to change them.

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Wash it up

Choose your washing powder for your undies carefully ladies, as your skin is quite sensitive down there. Avoid ones that are heavy on perfume and steer clear of bleach!


Pay attention

It’s important to pay attention to your underwear, namely to look for any changes to discharge. If you notice a change in colour, smell or if you notice any unexpected blood, contact your GP.


That thong

You should not work out or do exercise in a thong as their design can create a lot of friction and cause a lot of discomfort. They also have the potential to cause an infection as it makes it easier for bacteria to transfer from your bum to your front and this is especially problematic when you’re sweating.


Loosen up

Be sure to wear underwear that fights you correctly. Tight-fitting underwear can not only be unconformable but it also limits air flow to the vagina, which is really not a situation that you want! Cotton is generally recognized as the best for giving a bit of breathing room, while synthetics can often irritate the area.


Dump them

We know it can be hard to part with some of your favourite pairs of knickers, but ladies when the elastic starts to go or they get baggy, it’s time to let go and dump them.


Going commando

Going commando is really only advisable when that dress you love absolutely demands it. Be sure to wear underwear when you are working out to avoid friction and discomfort and always wear some with jeans or you may be prone to infections or sores. However, if you are experiencing problems down there, going commando while sleeping is good.


The dreaded VPL…

The VPL (or visible panty line) is one we all dread when we’re all glammed up for a night out. Take a day in the shops to buy some key basics for your underwear drawer – seam free, thongs, shorts, French knickers and regular knickers should all have a space there.

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