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29th Nov 2015

Feeling Frisky? Here Are The Best Sex Positions To Match Your Mood

Perfect for a lazy Sunday evening.

Trying new positions can give your sex life a big boost and rekindle the spark between yourself and your partner.

So whether you’re feeling frisky or are up for a quickie, here’s the best positions to match your mood.


Up for a quickie

The best position for a quickie, is sex standing up. Quick, effective and often, much more achievable if you have heels on!

Feeling lazy?

The lazy morning time can get a lot more exciting with some early morning sex and for this, progressing into sexy time from the spooning position is the best option.


Shower fun!

Again, the standing position is a favourite for the shower, and you can have a lot more fun as you figure out which angle works best for you!

Craving intimacy?

Some people may be surprised, but the missionary position is one of the big favourites for feeling intimacy with your partner.


Feeling flexible

Try out the lawnmower position: lie down and get your partner to lift your legs up to a 45 degree angle – or simply fling one of your legs over his shoulder. You won’t regret it.

A bit of action

Girl on top is another of the most popular positions, as it gives you full control over the angle, the rhythm and everything else going on!


Hands on

If you’re craving touch, then doggie style is one of the best positions as it allows his wandering hands full access to your body. Winning.

Feeling frisky?

Get a bit more adventurous – remember, it’s all about those angles, so be it the desk or the kitchen counter, you certainly won’t regret changing the scenery a bit.

Sensual gowing couple