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22nd Jan 2016

“Smartphone Pinky” Is A Thing And We Will Now Be Using Handsfree Forever

A lot of people are reporting the minor deformity on their pinky finger.

Megan Cassidy

If you are permanently glued to your phone, you might need to take a closer look at your digits…

And we don’t mean your phone number.

The latest health crisis our phones are apparently causing us is called “Smartphone Pinky” and it refers to a bent baby finger due to the way we hold our phones.

Twitter users seem to have unearthed this crisis of evolution recently and have been sharing pictures of their malformed fingers.

However, there is no need to panic just yet.
According to Popular Science, Dan Polatsch, a co-director of the New York Hand and Wrist Center insists any evidence of pinky finger are temporary.

He said: “It’s no different than when you wear a sock with a tight elastic band all day and then you take it off. There’s a slight indentation for a brief period of time, but it corrects itself.”