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12th Dec 2020

Sleeping with your dog in bed can actually be good for your health, shows study

Absolutely no arguments here!


Get the cat and human out of your bed ASAP.

Dogs are the best friends we don’t deserve, am I right?

This isn’t groundbreaking news, we all love our dogs. What may surprise you is that allowing your pooch to sleep with you in bed could be highly beneficial for your sleep pattern. Researchers at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York, surveyed 962 women living in America about their sleeping habits, the research found that 57% of the women polled slept with another human, while 31% shared their bed with a cat and 55 % slept alongside a dog.

According to the results, the women who slept with a dog were more likely to get a good night’s sleep than those who slept with a human or a cat. This is not just about unbroken sleep, it seems dogs help us emotionally too bringing a sense of calm and comfort to our sleep, the study explained that, “Compared with human bed partners, dogs who slept in the owner’s bed were perceived to disturb sleep less and were associated with stronger feelings of comfort and security.”

The research also found that snuggling up to your pooch at night encourages people to go to bed earlier and to rise earlier in the day. As we all know, the early bird catches the worm so it’s not a stretch to say that these glorious creatures are essentially aiding our productivity.

Apologies if you’re a feline fan, but the study confirms that dogs are much less disruptive than having a cat in the bedroom. The study revealed that cats are as disruptive in bed as human partners. Cats were also “associated with weaker feelings of comfort and security than both human and dog bed partners.”

Look, we’re certainly not telling you to kick your partner or cat out of your bed, but maybe think twice before sending your puppy to the kitchen come bedtime.

Lord knows we all need a good night’s sleep.