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25th Oct 2018

This ski-themed destination is only the BEST place to have your Christmas party

Anna Daly


Brought to you by The Spencer Hotel. 

It’s like Switzerland but without the flights.

One problem with living in Ireland is the lack of snow at Christmas. I mean, sure, on the rare occasions we do get it we enjoy it for about ten minutes and then start complaining. But still, that’s because we get it in late January. Or even March (never again, 2018).

What we really want is the perfectly picturesque blanket of snow that sticks around just long enough for Christmas and, more importantly, for our Christmas parties. And then goes away so that we can enjoy New Year’s Eve without any transport delays. We don’t think that that’s too much to ask.

But seeing as Mother Nature doesn’t feel like granting this request, we’ve at least got the next best thing. And the next best thing is pretty great.

The Spencer Hotel in Dublin will transform its party venue into a full-on Après ski lodge. There will be snowy backgrounds (so perfect for those Insta stories), a to-die-for Alpine-themed buffet, and other ski lodge fancies.

There are private rooms for parties of 60-130 guests so it’s the IDEAL place to throw your work party.

As soon as you and the other guests arrive in from the cold, you will be greeted with a delightful glass of glühwein (a.k.a. mulled wine). Perfection.

You will also be treated to a sumptuous buffet banquet with a specially created ski-themed menu that includes fondue (yasss), goulash, apple strudel, and black forest gateaux. The ultimate balance between classy and comforting.

Don’t think this party is all about relaxation though. It’s a Christmas party, so fun and dances must be had. There will, of course, be a private bar for your party with a late extension so you can go on sipping those cocktails as you dance the night away.

Best of all, The Spencer Hotel is right in the middle of Dublin city, overlooking the Liffey, so you will have no trouble getting there.

The hotel also has some wonderful bedrooms to conk out in when you’ve tired yourself out from dancing, and anyone who attends a Christmas party gets ten percent off the price of a room. Absolutely no need to venture out into that cold night air. Sorted.

Sure, it’s your very own ski holiday right here in Ireland.

Brought to you by The Spencer Hotel

The Spencer Hotel’s Après Ski lodge can transport you to an entirely different place for the night. To book one of these magical nights for your work party, you can enquire on their website. For updates and more information, follow The Spencer on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.