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17th Nov 2017

This shelter sorts dogs into Hogwarts houses to help get them adopted

All in the hope of finding a new home.

Denise Curtin

How adorable!

Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, an animal shelter based in Florida, has come up with the greatest idea to help it’s furry friends find new homes.

The company has decided to sort the dogs into Hogwarts’ houses based on each animal’s personality. But what’s even more adorable is… the houses are called Pawgwarts. Can you cope?

According to the shelter, they believe this is a “fun way” of representing their available dogs and a great way to help you learn a little bit more about each animal.

The website hopes that by sorting the dogs based on their personalities, you can find just what you are looking for and hopefully in return, an animal will be taken out of the shelter and into a loving home.

Speaking on their new initiative, the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando state:

“We decided to highlight their individual behaviours and personalities. Throughout the Harry Potter series, students were placed into the house based on the sorting hat. Each housemate possesses certain core values intrinsic to that house. Since the only sorting hat available is within the walls of Hogwarts, our crack team of wizards and a few muggles, created a series of activities to allow a dog to be sorted by personality.”

The categories for our four legged friends include: “Knowledge, Ambition, Friendliness and Bravery” they added.

Speaking about the characteristics of these different Pawgwarts houses, the website explains that all affectionate, super lovable pups who embody friendliness will be sorted into Hufflepuff, and a dog who embraces change and new things and has bravery, will become team Gryffindor.

We think this initiative is amazing and hopefully it will draw more attention to the shelter alongside the growing need for adoptive families.