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07th Oct 2018

Shaveducking is the hilarious new dating trend all Irish gals have fallen for


Ah, shaveducking.

What is shaveducking you ask? It’s the new dating term with the very unusual name that we think all Irish girls may have fallen for at least once or twice.

Have you ever met a guy online or in *da club* and they look mega hot and you really fancy them?

Then a little while later you meet them in broad daylight, sober, and there’s just something about them that’s off?

Are they as good looking as you first thought they were? Do they look the same as their pictures? There’s something not right but you just can’t put your finger on it.

And then it hits you. His beard. Do you just fancy his beard and don’t actually fancy him? Hmm.

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Yep, shaveducking is when you don’t actually know if you fancy him or just his facial hair.

As the Metro puts it: “It can pop up at any stage in a relationship. Early on, when you start dating and realise you’re not actually enjoying their face that much, or deep into a relationship, when they go clean shaven and you are absolutely repulsed.”

Apparently, women get this feeling all the time and “you’d do anything to dodge them shaving their beard and trimming off your affections in the process.”

Isn’t that lovely? Good ‘ol relationships.

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