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29th Mar 2019

Sex position the ‘bouncing spoon’ is meant to be unreal for intense orgasms

Jade Hayden

bouncing spoon

Honestly, who names these things?

If you’re looking for an intense orgasm, my friend, you have come to the right place.

After, you know, hitting up somewhere where there’s someone who can give you an intense orgasm that is, because honestly it’s the weekend and we’re just not up to the task right now.

If you are though, and you’ve got a partner (a man, in this case) who’s willing to put in that slight bit of extra effort when it comes to the ride, then listen up because this is the posish for you.

(And if your partner isn’t willing to put in that bit of extra effort, just get a new partner. You deserve it.)

The position is called the ‘bouncing spoon’ and if you haven’t heard of it before now, please don’t worry because neither had we.

We came across this particular position over on a Christian-friendly sex position website called ‘’

Despite the URL in question though, this position isn’t as conservative as you might think, so fair play to the lads for thinking outside the box.

To get your bouncing spoon on, this is what you’ll do:

Your partner sits with his back against the headboard and his arse slightly down the bed a bit, not quite at a 90-degree angle.

You then straddle him so your back is against his chest and you’re basically kneeling either side of his knees.

Then, he penetrates you, there’s a good amount of scope for manual stimulation, the angle is really good, and you have super intense orgasms.

Sounds decent.

Seeing as we found this position on a Christian friendly website, we’re going to assume that the penetration that’s occurring here is vaginal.

… But we are not a Christian friendly website, so why don’t you go ahead and try the bouncing spoon anally too if you want.