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29th Jul 2014

Seven Things You May Not Have Known About… Jared Leto

Besides the fact that you would get LOST in those eyes...

Sue Murphy

There are so many things that we encounter on an almost daily basis that we never stop to think about some of the more interesting facts about them. From our favourite movies to food and makeup, we will attempt to bring you some random information that you will most definitely be able to use as a future party trick.

Given how excited everyone was to take a trip down memory lane yesterday and talk about My So-Called Life, we thought we would focus on the wonderful Jared Leto this week.

1. Brad Pitt looks directly at Jared Leto when he says “rock stars” in Fight Club.                                                                                                                                                                         

We all remember Fight Club, we all remember this speech.

25 Things You Didn't Know About The Movie "Fight Club"

2. He dated Scarlett Johansson.

Yes, we all know that he was with Cameron Diaz for about four years but rumour has it that he actually dated Scarlett Johansson for a bit too. Yes, you are correct. They are too beautiful to be together.


3. He turned down a role with Clint Eastwood directing.

Jared was working on his album with Thirty Seconds to Mars and said he was committed to his music at the time with an album and upcoming tour. Yes, he turned down Clint Eastwood. He said at the time: “People did not understand how I could say no to Clint. But the record was coming out and I was committed.”

4. He broke his nose on tour.

Jared got a little bit too invovled with the fans and basically broke his nose while running into the crowd. It didn’t stop him finishing the gig. In fact, he said it was one of the best tours he was ever on.

jared leto

 5. He was once sent a severed ear by a fan.

Leto received the “gift” in the post with no note or explanation but decided he would keep it. He poked a hole in the ear and wore it on a necklace. No, honestly. He posted the pic to Instagram but has since removed it.

jared leto2

6. Leto was sent the script for the Dallas Buyers Club years before he starred in it.

Leto once told McConaughey: “I ran into someone just an hour ago who sent me the Dallas Buyers Club script 15 years ago!” McConaughey was clearly shocked and said, “Oh, yeah? You read it 15 years ago?!” Leto replied, “I didn’t read it.” It turns out Leto was working too hard on his music at the time to concentrate on anything else.


7. He once lived in Haiti.

Leto lived in Haiti with his mother, who he has stated was a hippie, and returned there after the earthquake in 2010 to volunteer. He took photographs, published a book of his personal memories and then donated the money to the cause. What a guy.

Hat tips to Buzzfeed/Digital Spy.