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15th Nov 2019

This service will remove all your ex’s things for you like bye boy, BYE

God bless you, goodbye.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Breakups are never easy.

Whether you’re the dumper or the dumpee, choosing not to be with someone anymore f*cking hurts and it hurts both people in different ways.

Then, getting over a breakup is often harder than the actual act of ending things with someone. Even better.

So, as you can imagine, or know from experience, having their shit in you’re house doesn’t help the healing process and finding their jocks on the floor certainly doesn’t make you remember the “good times“.

Therefore, a service called ExBox, not Xbox is here to save the day and you’re heart from recurring breakage.

Basically, the service works by you filling out a form (explaining how bad your breakup was), you can leave it all out here hunny – then, the service will send you an ExBox to fill full of all the things you just cannot look at right now.

Following this, ExBox will collect the box and store it for you in a storage facility until you’re ready and healed to deal with the contents. Be that burning the box, returning their belongings or keeping what’s in it because that lampshade would actually come in handy and it doesn’t make you think of HIM anymore.

You choose what to do simply when you’re ready. But until then, the box is stored far away so you don’t have to look at all that stuff that makes you miserable. Win-win.

The only downside, this service is currently only available in the US so, for now, our ex’s stuff will STILL be used as bedding for our dog but, the prospect of this coming here is one we welcome with open arms.