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09th Nov 2016

Ryanair announce massive flash sale in response to the election

“No one Trumps Ryanair fares”

In a possible attempt to reinstate some joy in the world, Ryanair have launched a flash sale.

As the news settles in that Donald Trump is the most powerful man in the world, Ryanair are offering dozens of seats for €9.99.

Destinations include Newcastle, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Brussels, London and Paris.

So yeah, it may entire suck to be a woman today but at least it can suck cheaply from beneath the Eiffel Tower.

Flights from Cork include Liverpool, London and Malaga. From Kerry you can fly to Frankfurt or London and from Shannon offers include destinations such as London, Manchester, Warsaw and Berlin.

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The flash sale ends at midnight so get on it.

We don’t get paid until tomorrow so our days shall just continue to suck.

But you have fun.

Bring us back a keyring.

Book HERE.