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27th Jan 2015

Ridin’ Dirty – Possibly the Weirdest Sex Toy You’ll Ever See

This is really strange. And quite disturbing.

Rebecca McKnight

When it comes to sex aids, we really thought we’d seen it all with the introduction of the vajankle

But move over foot fetishists, your desires have been out-weirded by the latest craze in sex dolls – characters modelled on My Little Pony figures.

The “Dash Doll” is now in production in China, and the company responsible says they are ready to start producing up to 3,500 of the sex aids per month.

If you’re willing to pony up €87 or so, you too can claim your very own PVC Dash, standing at 5 foot 9 inches tall.



That’s it now. Another little bit of our childhood innocence destroyed.