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06th Feb 2016

REVEALED: The Most Dangerous Sex Position For Women

Be warned, the reason is not for the faint-hearted


The best time of day to have sex is not when you'd think

A few months ago, it was revealed that girl-on-top was the most dangerous sex position for guys.

This is because it is responsible for half of all penile fractures (every time we hear that phrase, we cross our legs).

It has now been reported that the most dangerous position for most women is actually doggy style.

According to Kristi Latham, Doctor of Physical Therapy and founder of physical therapy clinic Beyond Therapy & Wellness, this popular position can lead to a common injury.

She told Yahoo! Health that “a woman’s vagina can actually tear if her partner enters her wrong.”

While this could happen during intercourse in any position, doggy style is one of those where the woman has less control and the angles can be awkward, thus increasing the risk of injury.