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02nd Dec 2018

The Internet has decided that THIS county is the soundest in Ireland

Olivia Hayes

Us Irish are a pretty sound bunch.

We know how to have the craic, are always up for a laugh and most of us make everyone welcome.

However, someone on Reddit began a thread asking what county they think is the soundest in Ireland – and the overall vote was for Donegal.

The poster of the thread said Kerry – but more users drowned the comments with good ‘ol Dún na nGall.

One said: “Not from there, but Donegal people are lovely.”

Another replied to say: “Haven’t met one I didn’t like. They’re friendly, fun and just a little bit mad. Lovely accent, plenty of talent, and have a huge, beautiful, forgotten county. They avoid the smugness of a lot of other places in Ireland. Just a sound county, not that I have anything against any others.”

And one moe commented: “Donegal’s hands down the best county in the country (Meath man here btw).”

Other counties that took the top spot were Galway, Wexford and Kerry… with many people slagging off the Dubs.

Dubs aren’t that bad, are they (asking for a friend)?