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18th Apr 2018

The Queen’s last Corgi, Willow, has died in Windsor Castle

She's heartbroken

Olivia Hayes

Willow was 14 years old.

The Queen’s last Corgi has sadly passed away. Willow, who was 14-years-old, was put to sleep at Windsor Castle on Sunday. The Queen is said to be heartbroken.

According to the Daily Mail, the dog had a cancer-related illness and the Queen did not want her to suffer any longer from the pain.

Willow was the 14th generation of Corgi in the royal family, as the then Princess Elizabeth was given Susan as an 18th birthday present.

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Insiders say that Willow was the closest to the Queen, and moved with her from home to home within the castle.

“She has mourned every one of her corgis over the years, but she has been more upset about Willow’s death than any of them,” said a source.

“It is probably because Willow was the last link to her parents and a pastime that goes back to her own childhood. It really does feel like the end of an era.”

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However, this doesn’t mean she will be dogless however, as she has two dorgis (corgi-dachsund crosses), Vulcan and Candy.

She also adopted Whisper last year, after the death of his owner, a former Sandringham gamekeeper.