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05th Jan 2018

The most popular day for people to file for divorce is fast approaching

Beware of 'Divorce Day', it's just around the corner. 

Beware of ‘Divorce Day’, it’s just around the corner.

Experts and lawyers have dubbed Monday, January 8, as ‘Divorce Day’, as it appears to be the most popular day for couples to file for divorce. It follows the festive period when relationships, that are already under strain, break down officially.

Tensions at home may become heightened when more time is spent around the house. Issues that have been festering become more apparent when dealing with them without the stresses of work or ordinary life.

A charity in the UK, Relate, has said that they are inundated with counseling requests this time of year. Furthermore, divorce lawyers also see an increase in requests for information after the Christmas break.

Most of the time it’s from couples who are already going through a trial separation.

Chris Sherwood from Relate told The Mirror:

“The reality is that many of the calls we receive in January are from couples who are already at crisis point after existing relationship tensions have come to a head over Christmas.

With one in five people in the UK in a ‘distressed relationship’, we’d urge anyone who isn’t getting on with their partner to seek support as early as possible.

Contacting Relate is a positive step – we can help people in all sorts of situations to work out what’s next for their relationships.”