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31st Jul 2016

Pokemon Go players fuming after update sends them back to level one

There may be a fix for it.

Tom Victor

For many Pokemon Go players, the latest update was their first since downloading the game.

The augmented reality app has proved overwhelmingly popular since launching in the UK (and even before then), leading to some accounts being sold for hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Players are spending hours a day on the game, catching hundreds of Pokemon and – in at least one case – all of them.

So when the latest update saw some of them lose all of their progress, it was nothing short of a tragedy for those who have devoted time, effort and (in some cases) money to the cause.

According to the Daily Telegraph, some players have suggested a workaround for the issue.

It seems to have primarily have affected those using their Google account to sign into the game, and the paper reports one claim that logging out of Google on mobile web browsers and logging back in through the Pokemon Go app could solve the issue.

At the time of writing, developer Niantic Labs is yet to comment on the issue, while the Pokemon Go Twitter account is also yet to issue a response to complaints from players.