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06th Nov 2013

PICTURE: Twin Tower Fancy Dress Costume Causes Outrage


Two 19-year-old students in England attended a fancy dress party over the Halloween break, in possibly the most distasteful costumes ever. 

Amber Langford and Annie Collinge, dressed as the World Trade Centre’s, north and south towers, earning the pair the title of the best fancy dress costume at a nightclub in Chester.


The pair recreated the 9/11 terror attacks by making outfits detailing the hijacked planes crashing into the New York skyscrapers.

The girls didn’t leave it there, adding small figures of victims falling from the burning building, finished with smouldering headpieces and American flags.

The students won the £150 prize money at Rosie’s Nightclub for their horrid efforts.


It has emerged that Amber’s father, Martin Langford, was piloting jets in the US when the al-Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center in September 2001.

According to The Sun Martin has vowed to, “have a little chat”, with his daughter regarding her actions.

Media in the US have reacted in horror at the pair’s stunt, labelling it “crude” and “sickening”.

Pics via SWNS