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22nd Jul 2015

PICTURE: Irish Lads Give Friend The Ultimate Going Away Present

We like their style.

We like their style.

A group of Irish lads decided to send their friend away in style this week as he prepared to leave for Australia.

Michael ‘Mick’ Kelly told our bros over at that over the years he has spent a lot of money in Dublin hotspot Copper Face Jacks, and all he’s ever wanted is a Coppers gold card.


Unfortunately, he never managed to get his hands on one so enter his friends – who decided to make all of his dreams come true by presenting Mick with a home-made gold card before he heads off to the land Down Under.

Taylor excited

The lads presented it to him at his farewell party at the weekend, and just take a look at the terms and conditions they’ve set for Mick…


Hat tip to for this one. 

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