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05th Dec 2015

PICS: 73-Year-Old Man Turns His Mobility Scooter Into The Coca Cola Truck

And the story behind it is amazing.

Talk about pimping your ride.

Barrie Hall, 73 from Lincolnshire, got creative and decided to turn his mobility scooter into something a little more exciting… namely an exact replica of the iconic Coca Cola truck from the Christmas ad.

Barrie started work on the truck eight months ago, building it in between hospital trips where he is being treated for leukemia which he has been battling for over five years.

According to The Metro, several local businesses helped Barrie with the truck, which is fully road-worthy and even comes with breakdown cover.

Speaking to the Lincolnshire Echo, Barrie explained: “It has taken more the last eight months to get it finished and I have had the help of a lot of local companies who have been fantastic to me.

“I cannot thank them enough for their generosity.”

Barrie, who lost his wife to mouth cancer five years ago, is currently on tour in the mini-truck, collecting money for cancer awareness.

He says: “I want to raise awareness of leukemia and raise money for more research into the disease.”

And just because he won’t be driving past us doesn’t mean we can’t donate – all the info on how you can help with Barrie’s project is here.