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26th Jul 2015

PIC: This Genius Dad Wrote The PERFECT Note To His Messy Kids

Parenting goals!

Back in our day, if we didn’t clean up after ourselves, we were grounded. 

However, banishing a kid to their room today is a LOT less effective when they have smartphones, tablets, Apple TVs and laptops as standard.

A far more savvy approach, and one this genius reddit user and Dad employed to perfection,  is to threaten the thing that means the most to them – internet connection.

Liam Neeson note

Image via Reddit/labuzan

Of course, this famous Liam Neeson speech from Taken has gotten the meme and gif treatment a bazillion times by now.

However, we still think this is one of the most epic takes on the classic scene we’ve ever come across.

Dad: 1; Messy kids: 0.