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14th Nov 2014

PHOTO: This May Be The Most Brilliantly Awful Break-Up Text Ever

She definitely dodged a bullet here!

As the song goes, breaking up is hard to do.

Despite this, we are firmly of the opinion that if you’ve been calling someone your ‘one and only’ then the least they deserve is a little face-to-face action when you decided to give them their P45.

One lovely lady, who had been dating a new guy for seven weeks, was not given that courtesy however and received the dreaded break-up text from her boyfriend.

Normally, this might be met with a combination of tears and anger but after reading the message he sent, complete with list of reasons behind his decision to end the relationship, we think laughing out loud is the only appropriate response.

She definitely dodged a bullet here!


Hat-tip to Amanda for bringing this one to our attention!