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30th Jan 2018

Personal trainer shows the difference photo angles make to body shape

Jade Hayden


Ah, the perfect angle.

Everybody has one. Nobody understands each others.

You probably can’t count the amount of times you’ve told your mate to ‘hold the phone higher’ or ‘step back a bit’ or ‘take it from over there Janet, that’s my good side.’

After all, what’s the point in taking a photo unless you’re going to look your absolute best?

We all know the difference a good angle can make, but one woman who’s intent on exposing just how much of a difference it makes is personal trainer, Sophie Allen.

She shared three photos she had taken seconds apart – one ‘posing,’ one ‘normal,’ and one ‘angled.’

The differences were pretty noticeable.

Now, Sophie, as we know, is a personal trainer, so it’s probably fair to go ahead and say that whatever angle she uses, she’s going to look incredible.

This is obvious.

But the differences between her three shots are still apparent, most noticeably in the muscles visible in her legs in the ‘posed’ photo, and the size of her bottom in the ‘angled’ photo.

Sophie said that she shared the post to prove that comparing ourselves to people we see on Instagram is futile because photos can always be “… enhanced by posing, angling and lighting.

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She said:

“Here’s me, at the same time in the morning, standing 3 different ways. You can see the first pic makes my booty look smaller, the middle just normal and the end a lot bigger.”

“I used to hate my bum and its size, and now I’ve embraced it and I actively work to grow it.

“I work with what I’ve got, I pose in ways that accentuate parts of my body I love, but I encourage you to understand that it isn’t like this from every angle, all the time.”

Sophie regularly uses her platform to bust myths about Instagram influencers and the photos they share.

Last year, she admitted that by tilting her hips out, she could make her cellulite “disappear.”

Nothing is real, guys.

You heard it here first.