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22nd Jun 2018

A ‘period sex blanket’ is being released and it’s very expensive altogether

Jade Hayden

period sex blanket

If you have sex when you’re on your period, fair play.

If you don’t have sex when you’re on your period, fair play too.

Do whatever you want to do with your life, we’re not about to tell you how to live it.

We’re also not about to go and tell you to purchase a blanket that you can have period sex on without making a mess – but we are about to give you all of the details about the blanket because, let’s be honest, we all want to know what the craic with this is.

The blanket is the latest comfortable, leak-proof product from period underwear company THINX. 

Using the same technology as their very popular no-leak period pants does, the sex blanket allows people on their periods to get the ride without any of the hassle involved with towels, messes, and the ever-dreaded cleanup.

The blanket is a cute lilac colour and looks and feels like satin so, you know, way nicer than the eight year old towel you’re used to throwing down.

Once you get the ride, you can simply place the blanket in the washing machine and it’ll clean itself right up.


There is one draw-back though and that’s that the price.

The blanket is launching today and it’s going to cost a considerable €316.

Yeah, really.

Honestly, the thinking behind this product is decent and everything but who among us is really going to fork out over 300 quid for a period sex blanket when we can just manually wash our sheets after?

Yeah it’s a hassle and yeah it’s a bit messy, but sure look lads, we’re not made of money.