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28th Jun 2018

This is the most ‘perfect’ human body and it has scared us sh*tless

Olivia Hayes

Nope, nope and nope.

We’re pretty happy with our bodies the way they are and would not fancy the ‘perfect’ body in the slightest. At all.

It’s scary.

The BBC Four show Can Science Make Me Perfect looked at the reimagined human body to see what changes could be made based on animal evolution.

The idea was to create a body that was void of any human imperfections and so, a new ‘human’ was made using large eyes, ears, the lower back of a chimpanzee, the legs of an emu, a chest without breasts, the heart of a dog and a marsupial pouch. Lovely.

Alice Roberts, who conducted the research even seemed a bit terrified herself by the outcome. After unveiling the reimagined body, she says: Oh no, I can’t look at her!

“Oh this is really strange! She’s so different and yet so realistic.

“The thing I find weirdest is the face actually because it does look like my face but the eyes have changed the geometry of it… no it’s not the weirdest thing. The baby’s the weirdest thing.

“That is the weirdest thing but it’s very very cute at the same time.”

It’s all pretty weird if you ask us.

Image: BBC


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