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19th Dec 2017

People are reeeally pissed off about this Jane Austen headline

Ah, lads.
jane austen

Remember Jane Austen?

Of course you do, you probably studied her in school or read about 80 of her novels during your undergrad or perhaps you still find yourself settling down in the evening to thumb through an old copy of Pride and Prejudice. 

Either way, Jane’s a bit of a literary icon and should be respected as such.

That’s why when Ms. Austen was disrespected via a headline on Twitter, people weren’t just disappointed.

They were downright furious.

The whole debacle went a little something like this.

The Washington Post wrote an article about Jane Austen to mark her birthday. It was grand.

Then, the Washington Post tweeted the article out, with the words: “Jane Austen was the master of the marriage plot. But she remained single,” above it.

Ah. We see.

Naturally, it didn’t take people on Twitter long to get a whiff of this gross miscarriage of justice.

They responded accordingly, by listing other authors who didn’t exactly represent the things that they wrote about either.

Because, as we all know, Stephen King may be the master of horror but that doesn’t make him Pennywise the clown, probably.

Here are some of the most inspired responses to the tweet.

Ah, Twitter.

Never change.