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06th Dec 2017

These penguins’ job is visiting elderly people in care homes and it’s lovely


Jade Hayden


Ah, stop.

If there’s something we love more than a penguin, it’s a penguin that has a job visiting elderly people in care homes.

Lucky for us then that there are two penguins who do exactly that.

Meet Pringle and Charlie, the therapy African penguins who travel around care homes in the UK bringing joy, comfort and, let’s be honest, utter delight to all who get to spend time with them.

Here’s one of them bringing some festive cheer to a woman in a care home in Avonburne last year.

Just beautiful.

According to Age UK, the penguins have similar effects to every other therapy animal in that they relax those around them and aim to create an ambience that is both chilled out and pleasant.

They say:

“The residents were able to stroke the penguins and give them hugs, enjoying all the therapeutic effects of playing with any other animal, but with the added joy of penguins.”

Pringle and Charlie were introduced to crowds when they were just babies and eventually trained as therapy penguins once they were old enough.

Charlie is 20-years-old while Pringle is just five.

The guys appear to make most of their rounds during the festive season, which makes sense to us considering Christmas can be a difficult time for many.

So fair play Pringle and Charlie.

You’re doing good work.