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10th Nov 2016

Before she passed away, this man’s aunt left an inspiring message of hope

We could use a little hope right now.

Rich Cooper

It’s been a bleak year, and it looks like it could just get bleaker.

“It’s darkest just before the dawn,” they say, but it feels like dawn keeps getting rescheduled for later in the day – “I had dawn in the diary for 6am?” “Sorry, we haven’t had quite enough darkness yet. How does a 5pm dawn work for you?”

That’s why it’s good to be reminded that even when things are at their worst, they can and will get better. This note, originally posted to Reddit, is a beautiful summation of that idea. Written by Redditor SerotoninSkies’ aunt shortly before her premature death, these words should give everyone a moment to reflect and a reason to look forward.


Photo: SerotoninSkies

The message reads:

“Life has no smooth road for any us. As we go down it, we need to remember that happiness is a talent we develop, not an object we seek. It’s the ability to bounce back from life’s inevitable setbacks. Some people are crushed by misfortune. Others grow because of it.”

‘Inspiring’ messages are usually the same old clichés, pulled apart and repackaged over and over, but this has something more to it. The idea that happiness isn’t something we seek but a talent that we have to develop is especially powerful, and will be a great deal of comfort to a lot of people right now.

So keep your chins up, people, and keep working on your talent for happiness.

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