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25th May 2017

Are YOU owed a tax refund? Here’s 5 reasons you might be…

Katie Mythen-Lynch

“A common mistake people make with regards to tax is that they don’t reclaim what they’re owed.” says Barry Flanagan, qualified Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Consultant at

The majority of PAYE employees simply put their P60s in a drawer and forget about them. But you may be able to use it to claim tax back. For example, people in specific roles can claim on certain standard flat rate allowances for items such as uniforms and tools.

So if you’re a teacher, you’re entitled to €518 in flat rate expenses per year and if you register with the Teaching Council, you are also entitled to additional tax relief on the €65 fee. You’ll find a list of all flat rate allowances here.

Another reason you may be due a tax refund is if you had a change in circumstances; e.g.; you got married, changed jobs or had medical expenses throughout the year.

Keep your receipts! You may be able to claim on the cost of tuition fees, medical expenses, rent, home renovations, etc., so it’s important to keep a record of your expenses. I always keep my records in one place so I can find them easily. Remember, you can go back four years for a tax refund in Ireland.

Review your P60. Make sure you’re getting the correct tax credits – a single person is entitled to a personal tax credit of €1,650 annually and employees may also be entitled to a PAYE Tax credit in the same amount.

One area that families miss out on is the Home Carer’s Tax Credit. It’s not just for those who are caring for other people’s children, the elderly or disabled. It’s also available to a spouse or civil partner who stays at home to take care of the kids or a dependent relative. With the increase from €810 to €1,000 in the budget, it’s certainly worth finding out if you can claim!”

Visit here to find out what you’re owed.