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07th Apr 2023

Outrage after husband mocks woman following traumatic birth

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Oh, dear.

A husband has been shunned online for mocking his wife after she suffered a traumatic birth with their daughter.

Taking to the Reddit forum Am I The Asshole (AITA), the 25 year old mother wrote: “AITA for blowing up on my husband in front of his family during N.Y.E celebration after he joked about my birth experience?”

In the post, the woman explained how tough her labour had been, describing it as one of the most difficult times of her life and that she was “in pain for hours.”

Only a few weeks after giving birth, her husband made comments about one incident, with the woman explaining: “I did something so embarrassing in the delivery room, I pooped myself which was unexpected and just…I don’t know but it was embarrassing.

“I found it embarrassing and I already told him to stop bringing it up, especially when he started joking about getting me diapers for my ‘oopsies!’ It got really tiring and chipped away from my self-esteem and confidence.”

She went on to reveal that she ended up shouting at him in front of his family after he again brought it up at a New Year’s Eve celebration.

She explained: “I excused myself to the bathroom. While I was getting up he made a quick remark and said ‘oh yeah, you should go quickly because we don’t want any accidents just like the one we had at the hospital, you know what I mean?’”

It was when his family laughed and her brother in law said “good one”, she snapped and reacted towards her husband.

She continued the post: “I was astonished and so angry and ashamed, I literally just lost it on him and yelled at the top of my lungs calling him a cruel insensitive jerk to be using the difficult experience of birthing his child as a joking matter and humiliating me in front of everybody.”

After the room went silent, she went to the toilet and stayed there until she went home, adding: “He snapped saying I messed up by talking to him like in front of his family during dinner.”

“He said he was just joking and I went overboard with my reaction and also, I should’ve sucked it up and waited til we got home so we could address this privately.

“We argued about it after we got home and he kept saying I humiliated him in front of his family during the celebratory evening by being petty and trying to one up him…

“He even said I should’ve laughed along and not fly off the handle like that.”

Asking if she was in the wrong, one person commented back: “NTA what the hell? So he can humiliate you by ‘joking’ in front of his entire family about a deeply private, personal and traumatic experience that you have ALREADY ASKED HIM to stop making remarks about, but if you call him out on it in front of those same people, somehow you’re at fault.”

While another wrote: “Nope, NTA. Your husband is an immature, insensitive jerk. Pooping yourself during birth is quite normal, but to make fun of you about it is not cool.”

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