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02nd Jun 2021

These online Money Tools will help you get the best deal on your mortgage, current account, loan or credit card

Ann Cronin

Brought to you by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission 

If finding the best deal on your loans sets your mind spinning, this one’s for you.

Taking out a mortgage, loan or credit card? Or maybe you’re wondering if you can save some money by swapping to a new current account provider?

We’ve got something that might help…

When it comes to taking out a mortgage or a loan, or applying for a current account or credit card, there are so many providers out there and it’s no easy task to compare them all.

Luckily, there are loads of helpful money tools out there to help you make the most educated financial decisions possible.

The Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC) Money Tools are free to use, and will help you compare deals and find the best option for you.

You can compare all your options with CCPC’s Money Tools here.

So, what are Money Tools and how do they work? Here’s everything you need to know…

What are Money Tools?

The CCPC Money Tools list the features of the financial products most consumers use. The tools help you easily compare the costs and benefits associated with these products from different financial providers, to help you decide which provider is the best fit for you.

When should I use Money Tools?

There are a lot of financial situations that Money Tools can help you navigate. If it’s your first time taking out a mortgage, loan or credit card, they’ll help you find the best deal out there for your needs.

But it’s also worth bearing in mind that no two current accounts or loans are the same and swapping providers of existing financial products can be a great cost cutting measure. CCPC’s Money Tools can show you if you’ll save money by swapping your existing loans or current account to a new provider, or if the best deal available is your current one.

How will they help me save money?

Free of charge, you’ll be able to quickly compare and contrast different financial products out there, to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. The CCPC are also completely independent and not a financial provider themselves, so you can rest assured the information you’re seeing is accurate.

Finances need fixing? See if you can save with the CCPC Money Tools. Free, independent tools and calculators to help you manage your money.

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Brought to you by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission