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13th Jun 2018

Here are 7 photos proving piglets are the cutest and sweetest animals to roam this earth

Jade Hayden


Even the mere whisper of the word is enough to send the best of us into a cute animal-based frenzy involving spirally tails, sleek fur coats, and adorable little snouts.

All of which the stunningly adorable piglet has in droves, by the way.

Just look, like.


Pigs in general have gotten somewhat of a bad rap in recent years.

They’re often seen as dirty when really they’re one of the cleanest animals going. They tend to be portrayed as disgusting when in reality they are but mere kings and queens of the animal kingdom.

They are used as plot devices by Charlie Brooker to emphasise society’s obsession with social media, reality TV, and prime ministers performing lewd acts on helpless animals.

And yet, they are one of the most beautiful creatures to ever roam this earth.

Here’s 7 images that confirm this statement.

1. A happy boy

2. The lads

3. Down n’ dirty

4. Hanging out

5. ‘Alri love’

6. Bliss

7. I know what you did last summer