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14th Oct 2018

This is the number one sign your relationship will last forever

Sounds about right.

Katie Mythen-Lynch

This is the number one sign your relationship will last forever

The ability to admit when you are wrong after an argument is the number one sign that your relationship will last, according to research.

Regular date nights, twice weekly sex sessions and saying ‘I love you’ every night before going to sleep are also among the top five tricks to keeping the spark alive.

For those who are counting, the ideal number of kisses and cuddles exchanged on any given day should not be less than five.

Interestingly, working full time is more conducive to domestic harmony, with a shared taste in films and a mutual willingness to do the washing up also listed as important.

The survey was conducted for the Two Together Railcard in the UK.

Here are the Top 20 signs of a great relationship in order of importance:

1. Admit you’re wrong after an argument

2. Say ‘I love you’ before you go to sleep

3. Share household chores

4. Regular date nights

5. Take turns to cook

6. Sex twice a week

7. Share the washing up

8. Same taste in films

9. Meet through mutual friends

10. Three year, six months age gap

11. Two shared hobbies

12. Share three mutual friends

13. Three date nights a month

14. Best friends

15. Kiss five times a day

16. Cuddle five times a day

17. Have one romantic meal a month

18. Two weekend breaks a year

19. Both work full-time

20. Have the same taste in food